Sunday, January 18, 2009

Let there be blog!...haha baru nak start :P

Hello there...yes, this is Dhameer and i would like to share my thought and experience in life in this very little blog page of mine :P. Before I start I would say that I'm not a good writer, i rarely read a book which made me somehow a very stupid person or in another word someone who is lacking in vocabulary and fact :P (even Oya is more intelligent than me)..SO DON'T BE LIKE ME! ;P ...i usually read comic, magazine, your mind, forum, tutorial on the net and that kind of stuff but not the pure book..its not me! (but I'm trying and and btw, my head is a mess as you can see from this writing of mine.

So...about me, I'm somewhat a kinda like one of the most talented artist in the whole wide WORLD!! WHAHAHAHAha ;P I'm 19 and currently i would say that I'm good at drawing, painting, marker rendering, photoshop, illustrator, flash, web design, 3d modeling, motion graphic, photography..... and shukur, thanks god for providing me these ability, I will try my best and he is the one who can give it or take it away from me anytime from a blink of an eye so I better use it for the goods of mankind! lol

This is a picture when I was 12 years old winning a drawing and coloring contest in Shah Alam Gallery.

Sadly, the thing which I'm currently lacking is creative and original i don't know when it will appear...maybe i need to start reading some book for some inspiration? or watch some movie or television ads? ...or maybe it will come when there is problem? or some trial and error? ...or maybe at the middle of the night when things are peaceful where lots of weird idea pop up accidentally? I don't now, the only limitation now is time! I wish there would be 48 hours a day so i don't be like burung hantu :P

This is a painting i done for my second semester in UiTM Lendu. There were seventeen pisses actually but its is UiTM's when the works were submitted. I'm claiming those drawing tho.

My aspiration would be to make my own movie or short or even 3d animation short or my own video game ...oh and a masterpiece painting....which gonna be big and bold and give a priceless message! wahhahaha Another thing I would like to master is the art of programming which i had a go with it ages ago(VB)...and currently don't have the time and will to explore it. Imagine how fun would it be to generate art from the math and it will help my multimedia work and give me new realm of freedom and when i reach that state it would be pure orgasm! ;P

Here are some of my motion graphic work, enjoy :) :

Recently i just graduated from the UiTM Lendu for Diploma in Graphic and Digital Media. So this is a picture of my tiny ex-room inside my rumah sewa in Lendu Melaka...missed it :(

1- Me...very handsome and good looking thats me..whahhahahahahahaha but still single.....waiting for the right girl ;)

2- My LCD showing my motion graphic work in Blender

3- Oh...that is my Adobe Software DVD, the software is heavily use for my graphic work

4- My Scottish National Insurance Card for working purpose.

5- Oh that is my spectacle which i rarely wear because it was broke when i slept over I currently waiting for the new one.

6- 100PLUS to revitalize myself after hours of work! :D

7- My camera USB cable...dah hilang!

8- My folio bag which i always carried when I was in UiTM Lendu and used to cover my head when its raining and also a trademark for Budak AD

So these are the picture i took form UiTM Lendu, a heaven for young(or not so) and developing art and design student...or I would say an ayam tambatan faculti (fakulti lain di ayam-ayam Enjoy :)

The view over there always inspire me.
This is my graphic studio building...groovey aye?

Currently I'm Listening to Mando Diao and Last Shadow Puppet. My guitar skill is I would say novice...i can play and sing most of Arctic Monkeys song tho especially Florescent Adolescent and Certain Romance :P but I still don't have the time to practice new song. The guy at the left side of me is Eddie my class mate, he is a talented double paddle drummer and also a good gutarist. He is a good designer too....damn..

Football would obviously be my favorite sport but nowadays Futsal would be the choice because of the weather and fewer people to gather. I usually play them with my family or my U mates

In the European Football world, I always support Man U but with current life style...I'm kinda like fallen behind with the club...and the bad thing is my brother is a Liverpool supporter!! we always argue, argue, and argue! xP

Well that's all for now, I'm tired, I feel kinda awkward to write this long(wow) ;P

there is always first time in everything :)

to be continue...