Sunday, May 31, 2009

Been there done that, next

Fuuhh...3 days without the internet, i'm cursed. The wireless thingy was broken and i need to walk out to the cc for the internet.

Last Friday i had my convocation ceremony. It was alright and actually a wee bit boring with the waiting and stuff but overall it was smooth and a nice experience. It felt like beeing in the Harry Potter movie actually. Picture coming soon ;P

Random shot took by my smallest brother, Aiman. I taught him how to use the D300 with external flash. He was quite good actually, see:

Hahaha..i got bored, i done some editing exercise for fun:


Done the Jason wade cover(lyric kantoi), it will be flow up by the Oasis - Don't Look back in Anger cover soon, Enjoy ;P

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Deeds and knowledge are who we are

This is about my reflection of what i believe in life, so I hope you are open…

It is not complete, its is the thing that pop out from my mind after what i had been through all my life till the things that happen to me recently. I will enhance it or change it according to my the next time you look at this i might add more thing worth to think about.

Human are so special. God created us with the ability to infinitely think and act. Some are with wealth, or maybe looks, talent or intelligent. Some are with courage, bravery and determination, and some are with patient, personality and good faith. Everyone has their own characteristic, their own nature, their own talent, their own challenge, their own culture and their own heaven.

Some might think that others had the advantage of the fortune, talent or good looks. Think again; Great power comes with great responsibility. Have you ever wonder that this power is equally destructive the opposite way around? For example, if you are a pretty girl, it’s great that god given you the confident and power to attract others, but have you ever think that this power will also be so dangerous compared to the less fortunate one? This power will give her the drive to possibly do the bad things that she might not do it if she were shy or less attractive, for example pornography. How about someone with huge fortune? He has the power to self destruct himself into a spoil ignorant who only live in his own world with his animal instinct ignoring the important things happen around him or he might chose to contribute to humanity and bring happiness to others who are less fortunate. Think some more and soon you will realize that god is the fairest.

To me we are all the same but each of us has our own scenario to solve, always seek for god help so your heart is calm which give the focus to the mind so you can solve it as best, as rational as possible with our limit.

I believe that we should not respect a person more because of what they got or who they are, but we should respect them of how they use their god given ability, power and fortune and also their contribution. Never forget that we should respect everyone as a person either he is bad or good or anything. We never know what they had been through and what is their own nature or surrounding so never underestimate and judge anyone too early because everyone has their own agenda and is ever-changing and their perspective always differ times to times as they grow older.

We all should be glad and always thanks god that we are what we are, still living and breathing with our beautiful mind and strength. We still have our opportunity to bring goods and colors to the humanity. We still have the opportunity to better our self and be useful as a person.

I believe that friends and family that we have is not random but divine. They are the one, who are connected in our life. As we grow older, the wing gets be bigger and we should always appreciate each of them for being who they are in our life. These are the people who teach us intentionally and unintentionally and shaped us the person we are today. You will never know the future, so it’s better to have no fiend but lots of friend.

I just want to remind you backstabbing is a selfish act and cruelty that should be ashamed of to the one who committing. Friends are someone who you trust and trust back. Making them felt in no mans land is really eliminate their trust for you and asking for more disaster, you should never ever backstabbing.

We human always do mistake and we learn and we may be stubborn sometime. Some are with narrow minded, some are widened. Some are with soft heart, some are with closed heart. Some are listener, some are ignorant. That should never stop us to treat everyone as best as we could. You should always try to understand others; this is because we are all different but we all can always change and be a better person. For some, god give them the good combination of mind and soul to think at a large scope and ahead which others can't see, appreciate it, share it and use it to teach others who are less fortunate with their nature and make them think.

When it come to argument, everyone has their own limit and if it broken, MADNESS. It's nature so try to understand it and think as open as you can if these madness happen. Its is the unbalance act cause by anger, so you should never judge someone when they are insane.

We are all human after all and never stop from making mistake. I myself am far from perfect. Everyday I committed sin and darker than what I want people to perceive me. Its nature, we all have ‘nafsu’ but it’s never too late to ask for forgiveness. So that’s why we pray everyday. Yeah I know, it’s really hard to make a perfect 5 each day, even 1 (xP) Make an effort and always feel a shame if you fail to do so. Just feeling uneasy for not praying is a good start. Insyallah it will get better when you grow older, I myself am struggling(lagi-lagi era kegemilangan nih xP) . Always wish to god for yourself, you parents, your family, friends and enemy for the best of his protection, even if they are non-muslin. I swear to you its work, I have faith in it. Your life will be smoother with his protection I swear to you.

All my life I thanks god that I had seen some unforgettable sign which shows the existent of him. I’m glad that I was brought out from a faithful family and I found happiness in this…Allhamdullilah…syukur…

Islam is my boundary and my home, and i feel safe and found happiness being inside it.

Peace be upon you all and thank you for reading till the end ;)

Your opinion are always welcome...

Ahmad Dhameer Abbas(c)2009

Friday, May 22, 2009

Goodbye Buddy

To whom it may concern.

You never appreciate don't you? I try to make things right but the way you treat me is just sad. It such a small mistake, instead of cleaning it out in a single wipe, you ignore it and let it spread into a huge mess. Now its too late, i never meet a person as mean as you. Its like 'melepaskan anjing tersepit'. I helped you, then you repay me with insults. You don't even truly know me and the way you treat me is like you judged me as someone who is unworthy to respect. Just because I'm easy going that doesn't mean you can't respect me and i don't have feeling. I hope you find happiness and peace after all the things you done to me.

I may unintentionally dragging you away from the thing you want but the way you treat me shows your weakness and you don't realize it. You should treat everyone as a person, you can't just throw them away if you don't want them because it shows and its cruel. People will judge you as a selfish person. If you don't like them TELL! them politely~~, you dont need to tell the whole world and 'menjatuhkan air muke orang' and in the end you will get the same treatment. Heh, me stalking you..what? its more of a coax...sape yg stalk? setiap hari Dhamer2...Cermin dulu diri la kid... before you insult others. The way you handle problems is so strange. Cakap terus terang sudah, instead you want others to guess and obviously they will give the wrong answer and make you even more mad and the sad thing is you are my extended relative and its so sad that you want it to be this way as I'm a stranger. Kid, you need to learn to respect, use your brain instead of your heart. Do you think there are no consequence after all the things you do to me? Yeah you can insult me and such but I will let God decide who is the innocent and who is the mean...i try my best to fix things but its too late now...

You made me feel like this:

A Disposed Chewing Gum

Why would i be desperate of you? Its more of a coax of the small mistake i did to you and its funny that i want to have a friend like you now after all the thing you did to me. I just want to make you feel better that's all but you repay me with another insult? Ya treat others as you want others to treat you and what you done to me is like asking for more disaster.You seriously don't know how to handle things, you are not compassionate but you only know how to write gibberish and hurt others.

Yeap, this is the end of our relationship as friend, and it is the way you want it. I hope you will feel better after this and I'm wishing you the best of luck in your life. I'm just your disposed chewing gum. Unworthy...its funny that you called me buddy before...

My best intention is like a threat to hers, its ironic that she said I'm paranoid... and I'm desperate because I'm a 19 years old virgin? ARE YOU SERIOUS? you don't even know my life and look at me! ;D You are so narrow minded that you can't differentiate someone who value their friendship compare to someone who is desperate for love? For god sake....women...they are everywhere. There are more women than men in this you think I'm so into you because i can't get one at the moment? I'm just like you i don't like to couple and stuff but i never had an enemy so...its kinda like a shocked that you turn away from me, so i might over do it. You should not underestimate others because it will make you look dumb when you are proven wrong. Don't be too bold because you will learn things the hard way most of the time kid...peace

P.S. thanks god...i had predicted and adapt with the reality that I'm facing now before...if not i might just be unconscious now....bye buddy

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Almost there

Yeap, i'm working on it on and off and i would call it 50 percent finish though i had added my signature hahaha...couldn't resist. Enjoy

Disposed Chewing Gum

Need to give that guy a melting look and still need further detailing, detailing, detailing...

Good bye buddy

Monday, May 11, 2009

I need a Wacom tablet!!!

Omg...i'm inspired... now i show you my first ever effort in fantasy/surreal art. It's actually a digital painting using my mouse....which took ages to do......damn..i need a wacom!!! xP

The painting is actualy base on my previous poem, Disposed Chewing Gum...and the painting is actually 30% done. I need to give that guy a melting look and add more took so far roughly 4 hours to get this far...haih...I'm kinda excited because you know my personality stated that i always procrasting...yeah..i always want to do a painting like these...but too laazzy and was uninspired.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

You Are Not Wicked Woman

In this last few months i had been pretty inspired, getting the hang on writing poem xP

You Are Not Wicked Woman.

Seen none like you before,
Not lucky anymore my heart is sore,
When you seen the one you want,
Suddenly I become no one to won.

I thought you are my friend,
Now I see some wicked fiend,
I wish it’s just an act,
Though now it’s seemed as fact.

I know you seen the pool,
Yet you choose to play the fool,
You glad I made the blunder,
Enjoy seeing me flounder.

Frame me as a villain,
And you in your pavilion,
You think you are the sane,
Which driving me insane.

I don’t want to be like you.
I don’t want to be selfish.
I don’t want to be cruel.

You made me forget my pride,
I just want to make things right,
Compassionate is not in sight,
So now I take my flight.

I don’t want to be like you.
I don’t want to be selfish.
I don’t want to be cruel.

All is left is sorrow,
At least there still tomorrow,
Sort things out and grow,
And to the brow I shoot my arrow.

Ahmad Dhameer Abbas(c)2009

Monday, May 4, 2009


Breathe, breathe in the air
don't be afraid to care
leave but don't leave me
look around, choose your own ground
for long you live and high you fly
and smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry
and all your touch and all you see
is all your life will ever be

Run rabbit run
dig that hole, forget the sun
and when at last the work is done
don't sit down, it's time to dig another one
for long you live and high you fly
but only if you ride the tide
and balanced on the biggest wave
you race towards an early grave

Pink Floyd - Breathe

Friday, May 1, 2009

Disposed Chewing Gum

Haha...Correct me if i made a grammatical mistake or such...i don't know if i done it right or wrong... xP

This poem is one of a possible perception that can be experience in my situation in a worse case scenario laa, which is not true..kaan? ;D

Disposed Chewing Gum

You can chew me,
And it taste yummy,
Yeah, it is handy,
it feel so dandy.

Slow as a gummy,
See I’m just a tool.
Then you act as a dummy,
Sad, I felt like a fool.

Now you had your taste,
Yeah, it’s been a while.
Got what you want,
And then it’s getting wild.

Chew me till I get ugly,
Pop me when you had fun,
Sputter me when I get stinky,
Spit me when you are done.