Monday, February 23, 2009

Through The Lonely Lane.

This is my first ever poem since my high school days...its not good but its mine! :D

There are things that i read this morning which trigger me to write these...

Please mention any grammatical or phrasing error because i don't write..this is truly out of character

Through The Lonely Lane.

Always on your own,
They came by but only moan,
But there are always angels,
Who lighten the missing jigsaw tangle.

Plastics and trashes are everywhere,
Pollution of mankind that you can bare,
white or dark only you decide,
But nature is the kindest light.

Rolling falling on your own,
With scars and wounds that unlikely depart.
Every leap will make you stronger,
Better, wiser than the numbers,

Step by step taken in moment,
Cold feet, brave feet are alike,
You will arrive if you want to arrive,
It is you the one who drive.