Monday, September 28, 2009

YM heartbreak :'(

It brought me to a single tear drop....damn... this was the first time i get to chat with her after months of depression...

Thanks Syifa for cheering me up....after that blow......gileeee laaa.........i'm ruinn...

Friday, September 25, 2009

My first shot

...and it hit he bullz eye...bwhahahahha xD

Notice the nagka falling and the bullet chain flying at the second picture. Never thought fps game really do help with the accuracy of my shot

I felt like a Rambo! xD

It was priceless, never knew i was that go0d ......bwhahahahaha.....buarggghhh ;P

Happy Eid Mubarak!! :D

Wooaaa...Kelantan was awesome!!!

I really had qualities time with the family...

More picture coming soon...

Friday, September 18, 2009


From Muse latest album, The Resistance

The paranoia is in bloom,
The PR, the transmissions, will resume,
They'll try to push drugs to keep us all dumbed down,
And hope that we will never see the truth around,


Another promise, another scene,
Another package not to keep us trapped in greed,
With all the green belts wrapped around our minds,
And endless red tape to keep the truth confined,


They will not force us,
They will stop degrading us,
They will not control us,
And we will be victorious!


Interchanging mind-control,
Come, let the revolution take its toll,
If you could flick a switch and open your third eye,
You'd see that we should never be afraid to die,


Rise up and take the power back,
It's time that the fat cats had a heart attack,
You know that their time's coming to an end,
We have to unify and watch our flag ascend!


They will not force us,
They will stop degrading us,
They will not control us,
And we will be victorious!



They will not force us,
They will stop degrading us,
They will not control us,
And we will be victorious!




So you know, it's over

Finally, the week is over and tonight i'm going back to Kelantan after 4 years :P

Sahur was great btw...hahaha...sempat lagi webbie..

I'm sorry, i don't lie, it's over kid, it's too late i'm with someone else...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This is FACT!

I'm f**king pissed with biaaatch....

they only know how to talk gibberish...

Damn harder than add least add maths is logical....but biatch are just damn bullshit!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm getting the Durian Open Movie DVD!

Hahaha...I'm now with my new blond DVD from AMSTERDAM...I love you babe....bwhahahah

 Durian Open Movie DVD
€ 34.00 : RM 173.20

Project Durian is Blender Foundations third Open Movie project, produced in the studio of the Blender Institute in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Six artists and two developers have been invited to come over to Amsterdam for at least six months to create an epic action-based 3D short movie with Blender. Lead by renowned Blender artists Colin Levy (direction) and David Revoy (art direction) and with a script by famous Dutch cartoonist Martin Lodewijk, you can expect this to be an exciting project!

Just like project Orange, and Peach and Apricot, the end result itself and all of the production files will be published under the Creative Commons, free to be reused and for everyone to learn from. More importantly, the team will challenge Blender itself to the max, inspire the entire development community to prove Blender is ready for feature quality 3D production. Special attention will be spent on massive animation scenes, better library data management, smoke/fire/explosion simulations, new rendering techniques, and faster high-res compositing

You can help us to realize this project by purchasing the DVD edition of Durian in advance.

On the triple disk DVD you will find:
- The movie (approx 6-8 min) in best DVD quality widescreen format (disks in both NTSC and PAL)
- The HD version of the movie (.avi and/or .mov)
- The third disk with a lot of video tutorials by the artists and developers
- All .blend files, models, textures, and so on... the material used to create the movie.
- The original script, breakdown, storyboards
- Documentation and other tutorials by the team members about all technical aspects the movie; like how to re-use assets, animate characters, or add new shots.
- And of course all the extras we can\'t predict yet, like commentary tracks, a making-of documentary, outtakes, and so on.

Visit the blog for more information about this project.

Get your credit!

If you purchase and pay the DVD by september 15th latest, you can get your name mentioned on the official movie credit scroll!
To make sure the crediting works fine, we will remind everyone via email a month before the movie goes to premiere.

The funny thing is...

Cancer (Jun 21 - Jul 22)

Saturday, September 12, 2009: The Moon's return to your sensitive sign this afternoon can bring up issues of uncertainty about how you are living your life. You are pretty witty now and might choose to hide your self-doubts behind humor. Unfortunately, an unrealized goal to acquire beautiful objects could wreak havoc on your relationships as your partner thinks about building trust and you think about buying something expensive.

Seriously....the horoscope is stalking me...I think i'm going to get a restraining order...

Time to move on

Today I did something which had changed my feeling on you and made me more calm. The way you treat me give me even further reason to just move on. If it was all a hoax, i blame it all on you because you don't know when to stop, when to talk and you are just not care enough. Not to mention the mocking up and insults you conflicted on me, but I bet at the end of the day you will survive it all and move on.

I had a great experience with you btw,

Cut your hope now, I'm with someone else. it's over. It's too late....

Friday, September 11, 2009

The youth are getting JAHIL

or maybe ignorance? or the meaning is the same? ;P

I hope you guys are open to my opinion. Sorry if i offended some of you but this entry is for my fellow muslim friends.

I don't know where are we heading now, our culture and society are getting worse and worse these day and the norm are well the norm are just bloody sad. One of the things that often pissed me off is the malay like myself who consider them muslim, drink the alcohol in front of their fellow muslim member without any sort of shame or guilt. Call me culture shock or what i don't care but its just wasn't pleasant in my eyes.

I remembered one day i saw this two malay teenage boys went to a shop to buy their drink. The sells girl refuse to sell it because of the law. Then the boy just couldn't stop nagging the girl shamelessly and kinda blackmailing her. It was really awkward and i respect the girl for holding her ground until those LAHANAT give up. I don't know what is in their mind and the lifestyle that they are living but its just sad.

I also remember discussing this matter with a friend who is also a muslim and sadly they end up telling me that he taught that i was open minded because i used to live in the UK and change their mind. WHAT? Well the drinking culture are indeed a norm over there but that doesn't mean Its okay for a muslim to do it. What are you thinking man?

I also once get into this awkward situation where a friend of a friend which i think is also a muslim(atheist?) and i think knows that I'm also a muslim start to open a topic about drinks and stuff since he knows that i used to live in UK. I was like WTF, WTF is in their mind. Just because i used to live there that doesn't mean i live like them. Well, I got my boundary. How short sighted is these people with their so called 'civilized' lifestyle or mind? Real world is 'eff'ing pissed me off.

I don't know their lifestyle, maybe it is from the peer pressure and surrounding or maybe they want to blend in to a certain group of people or maybe they are BOLD or curious? well...shyness is a bless from god then.

I can adapt or pretend that its alright to do it to not offend them but how about ME? They are bloody offended me and Islam... Should i just carry on? Hell no, this is wrong man what the hell is wrong with our society here in Malaysia.

Now the recent news:

Kartika Sari Dewi, seorang model sambilan dari Singapura telah di’jatuhkan hukuman enam sebatan (Aduh, sakit!) oleh Mahkamah Tinggi Syariah, di sini semalam selepas mengaku salah meminum minuman keras di sebuah pusat hiburan di Cherating.

“Mahkamah tidak ragu lagi menjatuhkan hukuman ini selepas tertuduh sudah membuat pengakuan bersalah dan selepas meneliti hujah pendakwaan selain berdasarkan dalil bagi hukuman berkenaan, maka sebatan wajar dikenakan mengikut enakmen ini.

“Malah, hukuman sebat ke atas tertuduh bertujuan untuk memberi keinsafan dan pengajaran kepada semua pihak supaya tidak mengulangi perbuatan itu,” kata Hakim Datuk Abdul Rahman

Aktiviti Kartika Sri Dewi khabar’nya dikantoi baik oleh Jabatan Agama Islam Pahang (Jaip) ketika satu serbuan dibuat di kelab malam Cherating. Satu pengajaran epik buat anda, jangan buat benda haram.

That should teach her a lesson.

Its obvious that alcohol give you more harm than goods but we people are just weak and ignorance...

“O you who believe intoxicants (all kinds of alcoholic drinks), and gambling … are an abomination of Shaitan’s (Satan) handiwork. So avoid (strictly all) that (abomination) in order that you may be successful. Satan wants only to excite enmity and hatred between you with intoxicants and gambling, and hinder you from the remembrance of Allah and from As-Salat (the prayer). So will you not then abstain?” (5:90-91)

The latest developments in medical science have proved the consumption of alcohol and narcotics to be a social evil causing great harm not only to the society but also to human health. If we look into the expenditure incurred on drinks (intoxicants) in European and American countries we get an alarming figure of thousands of millions of dollars. France has the highest alcohol consumption. Frenchmen consume 200 million liters of alcoholic beverages every year.

Alcohol makes the man unstable and creates multifarious problems. It breaks the family ties and brings about a complete disruption in family life. The man under its influence fills the destructive bowl, gets excited with an urge to commit crimes and does not hesitate to commit adultery, incest and fornication.

Alcohol abuse presents the society with a staggering bill. In the US, somewhere between $25 billion to $40 billion are lost in terms of labor productivity, treatment and welfare. (Koffend 1979)

In 1979, the World Health Organization in a report stated that alcoholism is becoming a major problem in developing countries. In Zambia and Venezuela the abuses of alcohol are linked with increasing crimes and is the major cause of road accidents. In South Africa, 75 percent of the population is affected directly with adverse affects of alcoholism. In US, 40 percent of all road accidents are due to alcohol abuse and alcohol accounts for 50 percent of criminal arrests.

Man is a social animal. He is superior to animals by virtue of his mental faculties. If these faculties are impaired, he will act like an animal. Alcohol and narcotic drugs impair the higher centers of the brain with the result a man loses judgment, intellect, learning reason, memory and orientation. The lower centers of the brain are freed from the inhibiting influence of the higher centers causing excitement and animalistic behaviors. Owing to this, the intoxicated person behaves recklessly and become loquacious and loses self-control, totters and is led by evil desires to commit crimes.

The following are the bodily harms or diseases of alcoholism observed by the medical science.

  1. Peripheral Neuritis, i.e. numbness and weakness in nervous system.
  2. Wernicks Encephalopathy, causing the disturbance in consciousness and neurological problems.
  3. Korsakoffs Psychosis i.e. impairment of memory delusion.
  4. Delirium Tremens. The alcoholic is confused, restless, misidentifies people and places and has severe tremor.
  5. Cerebella degeneration.
  6. Alcoholic gastritis causes heartburn, anorexia, nausea, and vomiting.
  7. Pancreatitis. It may result into hemorrhage resulting in death.

There are some other sever diseases like cardiomyopathy abnormality of the rhythm of the heart and beri beri heart disease etc., etc.

The above facts make it crystal clear that alcohol and narcotic drugs not only take away the hard-earned money of the people but also their intellect and health and leave them worthless. Caliph Omar was wise when he prayed in earlier 7th century for the ban saying intoxicants take away the money and the intellect. Allah the Omniscient, the All-Wise Who cares for the welfare of his bondmen banned intoxicants and delivered them from the pernicious evil.

Now in 20th century all the sensible world is making a lot of hue and cry to stop alcoholism only to learn that it is reaching epidemic proportions.

It is Islam which tackled all social evils and crimes and devised ways and means to save humanity from the menace of narcotics and alcoholism. ENDS.

Quoted this from the science and quran site

Just think about it. Every rules that god made are for a perfect reason.

Now think about BABI and H1N1. I remember one of my teacher in Scotland who asked his student "who doesn't eat pork?" and i was the only student who raised my hand up since i was the only muslim in the class and to my amazement he also raised his hand and explain about the worm living inside it and cooking the pork still wouldn't kill the creature. That's why if you notice the polka dot in the skin for those who eat pork are resulting from the worm. Remember Japanese encephalitis and now H1N1.

An artwork from my friend, Rizal

To me, people who doesn't believe in god is the most ignorance living creature on earth. Look at everything around you. Look at your face at you eyes and your gender for instance. Things are perfectly design, there's balance for everything, there is connection in everything so you can learn from it. The matter which exists, some of it you can't see it but you can feel it in your heart. If there is one, there must be zero. Male, female. Black and white. Good and bad you see? PERFECT! This can't be happen by chance as the theory of Darwin stated. To me, adaptation on the anatomy and the feature to the surrounding of the creature that had been design is what we can take from it but design, NEW DESIGN, different design is another thing. Monkeys and us is TWO DIFFERENT DESIGN GOD DAMN IT!! WAKE UP PEOPLE !!...well Arctic Monkeys is a metaphor ;P

Opinion are always welcome :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In a way, It feels good to be rejected :)

Do you notice the superman hair ;P

I don't know, i always get the sorrow drug feeling bursting at my heart when people underestimate me or think that I'm a loser or need to get a life. It felt almost like love, but with who you are. It tell you that you had failed in their eyes leaving you no pressure but another day to prove that they made a huge mistake. They in another hand need to bare the pressure of their own ego and the judge they labeled on you.

Its fine to build your own ego and live with it because everyone must have one for their confident and self worth but its better to be humble and let the truth tells how much you really worth.

I'm sorry

Thanks for clearing things out, I won't bother you.

Don't you ever coax me when it's too late. Do you think I'm stupid for not noticing your sign and such. Your reaction and all shows la, its too obvious for me. Without it would i still be chasing you after six month? I'm not stupid and I'm not delusional and don't you dare to call me that.

You always lie, that is your specialty from what i observe. Now i don't know what is true and what is not and i don't care anymore because you made me pissed.

A thing that i learned from this:
Making them too secure of themselves will stroke their ego way up to the infinity and beyond sampai tak sedar diri.

She really is a strange and twisted ego bitch.

P/s if i said bitch to someone i like and meant it, that mean she is a goner.

Lucky 09 . 09 . 09?

Hahaha i found this while i was browsing the deviant art ;p

I got bored, so i look at your horoscope and found out this:

Pisces Horoscopes

(Feb 19 - Mar 20)

Wednesday, Sep 9th, 2009 -- You may be shy about your feelings today and your hesitant behavior reflects this lack of confidence. Although you might worry about being rejected or misunderstood by someone you love, remaining silent increases the chances for isolation. Take a risk and bring your suppressed emotions up to the surface where they can be the topic of discussion. Wherever the conversation leads, it will be better than no dialogue at all.

Betol la ni, honestly it really does sound like you and the situation we are in. Tak tengok my cancer punye lagi...kan i dah cakap COMMUNICATE! haa...kan dah kene sound degan horoscope sekali. i know you fancy me, obvious sangat kot. Tell laaa, tell laaa....hahaha ;P

I really miss you isadhora....


Cancer Horoscopes

(June 21 - Jul 22)

Wednesday, Sep 9th, 2009 -- You could be highly motivated to take care of those you love and shower them with your affection as ardent Mars continues moving through your nurturing sign until October 16. But it's crucial to be clear about what you are doing with illusory Neptune now also in the picture. Losing yourself in a fantasy can be delicious, but not if it overflows into your real life and confuses your behavior with unclear motives.

Alamak......patutlaaaaa....i posted this entry -_-'

Tuesday, September 8, 2009



...tumbukla kalau berani, bajet ganas sangat...sudahlah pendek...
...underage pulaktu... ish ish ish...


Monday, September 7, 2009

Turning Point...err

The time, It felt so long. Are you enjoying the moment? I'm going to die early if i get this all the time....STRESS

Finally i had a breakthrough into your boundary after four month and i realize...the insults. I can't stop read it again and again and again. What you wrote, what your friends wrote about me.


I guess i made a mistake. It felt so unworthy to be treated as such. I trust you. Now i know what they really think of me. Honestly I'm f**king pissed. You had never even say sorry to me. Ego sangat. I give you chances, I don't think you deserve me.



..but i don't know

I don't know

This is not fair

I guess I'm trapped...

Those were old stuff right?? because i clicked "old post" like four times i think until i found those.

I guess i should pretend you were being mean(cute)?? right? kan? kan?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Blender Head Mode: ON

Well, now I'm going to share you a bit about my obsession with my beloved software BLENDER!!!

I had spend 7 years of my life with her btw ;P

Well if you never heard of Blender, I mean is not the one you use at the kitchen okeyy...err...well.. Blender is an open source 3d application which is freely available online. You can do all sort of thing from the 3d modeling to unwrapping to texturing to rigging to animation and finally rendering. You can also do real time interactive such as game with it. TOTALLY AWESOME !!!

Blender GUI

The application can be download from their main site and it can be use for all sort of thing right away. Of course you need some skill..well... I can teach you personally if you want ;D

Well not you, ONLY YOU ;)

Unfortunately many of my 3d artwork were gone after my hard drive broke down. These are some of the remaining and the latest:

Done this six years ago when i was fourteen.

Done this after i played the Pro Evolution Soccer 4 for PS 2 :)

Done this after i was rejected by MEGAN FOX :'(

I done this for my major for diploma

For project mangement subject last sem.

For major when i was in melaka.

For 3d aniamtion subject. The blender part was the dragon. The background thingy was done in 3D MAX. The dragon took quite awhile to model but it's a pleasure to see it in motion in the end :)

Montage for an event in UiTM Melaka

What i love about blender is their community of developers and artists who are willing to share their knowledge and resource and their ability to organize and develops the steaming hot software and also open content such as open movie project where 3d enthusiast can gain knowledge from it. I LOVE THEIR SHARING CULTURE AND IN THE END THEY GAIN EVEN MORE AND THEY NEVER LOOK LIKE STOPPING. All the best guys!!!

I thank god that blender exist which had contributed me on my skill as an insomniac maniac and also as a tool turn my dream into reality...well visually....hehehe

One other forum which i always check out for CGI stuff is the CGTALK. Have a little exposure with it kid, i bet you will love it :)



This is their last open movie project which are called BIG BUCK BUNNY, totally funny and psychopath. Seriously check them out.

What i love about open movie is that they also share their project files which available freely online for you to explore or you can order the DVD.

Their first ever open movie and also the first ever open movie in the world: Elephant Dream



Well this is their latest open movie project which the theme is about myth and fantasy as the like of final fantasy. The last open movie was about enhancing the fur, animation features and work flow in blender and durian is about the special effect feature in blender as you can see from their logo. Well i am excited about the project because i love durian kooot same as you ;P

Check out their main site: DURIAN

You can also get your credit for the movie for ordering their DVD

Latest Feature

and now check out blender latest feature from their latest 2.5 version. Volumetric SMOKE!!! WHOOOHOOO!!!


Game Engine

The game engine in blender is what made the software so unique. It is a quite high level system for game/real time interactive editor since the artist also manage to create a game out of it. Well they need to push their limit a bit and learn a little bit of scripting to use the full power of the engine but the basic is productive enough.

Some example i took from the web:

Powerful ain't it??



I would love to have a child of yours!!! xD

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Cancer (Jun 21 - Jul 22)

September 3, 2009: Someone may accuse you of being negative today, yet that's not your perception of what's happening. Your denial doesn't do much to settle others down as they ask you to explain your behavior. Don't allow yourself to get sucked into someone else's drama, but if it's true that you have been hiding your frustrations it will feel better to get them out into the open.

from myspace horoscope application thingy

I notice it just now and it is getting scary. What is this thing? Its been accurate all this while....

It is as they are telling our story if you know what i mean. Do you remember the weeks before when i told you about this? its match right? I guess they are stalking us?? omg i'm scare...


Not Again :(

sudden storm (c) dhameer

I think you still want him and that's why you doubt me to stay true to yourself. You miss him kan? I don't blame you. Maybe all the hint were for him? Oh well....I'M CONFUSED!!! You said I'm not even your bf or such so that does make sense. It was for him. All the hint were for him, damn I'm stupid...You insulted me like tons of times for absolute no reason. Well now i kinda get why you said those awful things.

If he really want you, why would he left you lost all alone by yourself?

What he did to you does remind me of what you did to me but still, i will turn my back on you if you try. So do you with your ex kan? would you? Now, with this assumption, i does kinda lose my faith in you. Maybe you used me to get his attention? i hope not... :(

The way you act, I doubt you had any feeling on me...well maybe a little...errr......maybe i dont know...

If this is not what you meant, your one liner(or two) and 'the lyric' really does make my head spin. I HATE IT!! Maybe its not for me but you know, the feeling...


I'm sorry if I'm wrong though. I just want you to know what is in my mind. Maybe I'm sensitive? I know its far from the truth, prove me wrong :(

Yeah, I'm over reacting....hehe

Well, I'm hoping for the worst because its been worse all these five month of hell and i got the felling it will never change...or would it? would you change for me?

i don't blame you, its your feeling but i hate it when you scary if you know what i mean... i prefer when you tickle ;P

Good luck on your SPM though...

I'm really missing you hun...

p/s did i misinterpret the lyric?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hard to be content I vomit

And on my own, I try so hard just to be content
Got no regrets, except I wish you were here with me

And in time, change my mind I hope

Got no regrets, except I wish you were here with me
You look much older when you're mad
Your heart starts speeding like a discotheque
Got no regrets, except I wish you were here with me
I wish you were here with me