Monday, October 26, 2009

I wanna...I wanna... pretty....i just had to put it here....for personal fave....


Friday, October 23, 2009

Muffin the lauk stealer

Captured this with Nikon D300, lens 50mm 1:1.4D ISO3200 s1/100 f1.4

OOOhhh maaann......sudah la tak cukup tidur and then this happen...


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Trial and Error

Fuuuuuhhh...i finally solved the CSS and HTML editing puzzle and now i just realize that everything is possible in this little blog space...

alllhamdullilahh! xD

Habisla lepas niii.... ;)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Seriously get a grip dude

Oh man i guess I'm at the bottle neck of hell now. Assignments, assignments, assignments. Late, late, late and now that and that... ...and that!
ssssttttrrrrreeeeeeesssssssss....... oh maaaaann.~

I need something extra strong to boost me.....

Word of wisdom

Red pen
, blue pen..


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Humbug Finest

Humbug is so parallel to me and the timing it release is just perfect for the situation and condition that I'm having. The lyric is just spot on....not to mention their approach and enhancement to their previous effort. It's just pure genius....

Enjoy the awesome quality lives...

The probability is closing to zero

Guys are aiming for you and i guess game over then. The more i hold on, the more i would get hurt. I think they suited you more anyway, especially "the jedi". It's obvious that he obsessed with you already. Not to mention the charm and the humor and "Shina Ringo".... .....focktard...

Yeah, I'm the last think you want and i came in first what? too bad I misread your sign and gesture.

Something about you which made me felt sucky and not at home. Insecure of myself. You are a mistake, and the only one to blame is myself. I don't know why i keep chasing you even though you said "fock off" since day one. I guess I'm not used to being reject...heh....the make believe....i'm pathetic...

I don't feel at home...

and I'm naturally don't like to compete in this matter...

i hope you don't break other stupid guys heart out there as myself and think its funny...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pain is stronger than love



TSSTL, is that me? :P


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dance Little Liar

I heard the truth was built to bend,
A mechanism to suspend the guilt ,
Is what you are requiring still,
You've got to dance little liar,

Just like those fibs to pop and fizz,
And you'll be forced to take that awful quiz,
And you're bound to trip,
And she'll detect the fiction on,
Your lips and dig a contradiction up,

And the clean coming will hurt,
And you can never get it spotless,
When there's dirt beneath the dirt,
The liar take a lot less time,

I'm sure its clear and plain to me,
Its not an alibi you need just yet,
Oh no its something for those beads of sweat,
Yes that we'll get you back to normal,

And after you have dabbed the patch you’ll grieve,
And then proceed to scratch the varnish off,
That newly added calmness,
So as not to raise any alarms too soon,

And the clean coming will hurt,
And you can never get it spotless,
When there's dirt beneath the dirt,

The liar takes a lot less,
Time to decide on his saunter,
Have you got itchy bones?
And in all your time alone,
Can you hack your mind being riddled,
with the wrong memories?

And the clean coming will hurt,
And you can never get it spotless,
When there's dirt between the dirt.

- humbug, AM

Crossing the line

What if you just fock out of my life you twisted and psychopathic bitch?? I never deserve a person as you.

You are getting repetitive and annoying you know...

What if I choose to teach you a lesson??

You are just too greedy to deserve what i gave....

fock off!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Floating Hopelessly

In a way, I think prank is a good thing because you think you lost everything but then when the hope are lost and you felt so low suddenly you realize it was just an act and you gain even more. It's the best feeling you can ever had. To had mention that, I think prank are also risky because you can't really predict the outcome and it might get worse than what you intended, out of control and give harms which happened. The fun bit is when you can see how the victim react in their true nature and feeling in the scenario you created. Its leave me breathless and all i can do was smiillleeee..and amaze how she can handle it with flair ....and then when she get so sentimental, desperate, adorable and cute, you cave in...alolololololo.... ;) ....hahahaha...


Then, the game restart and you are back to her monster mind game to her favor because of your compassionate nature. ..damn I'm weak :(

This one is slightly different to yours, what if the game is for one whole year? You were teased and then she gave you some mild hint which were so slight but so important to you and when you solve some bit of it, she wouldn't ever admit it. The only person who know about it are between you and her. You were lied and swore by the person, who you care so much and you know they were just teasing you and she also said you were delusional and nuts to her friend to add icing on her acting. Yeah its cute and funny but don't you think people would feel annoyed? gutted? bullied? mocked? hopeless? agitated? when you are treated as such for so long? and i don't even know how to act in the condition and your emotion are so fucked up....and you are pissed....but at the same time amazed and sappy....paranoid and then pissed again......arrrgggghhh

People don't believe you....and you are on your own with the truth that hard to prove.

...and then I start doing out of the box approach, take risk and go for the blow to stir her game up...but still, she hold the it firm, she can just be silent because she is the matter....hadddoooii -_-'

I don't know what to do but I love every bit of it though, you are awesome you know....but I'm jaded...

What if I will never see you again after these months of struggling? how would you feel about the things that we might had if you are not too late? what if you at least give it a shot? What if we call it a null? I guess i got the answer because you already answered it in my last act xD

btw I still remember the time when she said she weren't going to a party that we have dated at the very last minute and I still remember the gutted and disappointed feeling that i had. The desperation.....and then suddenly she was there!!! she gave me the so called sucker punch to my arm....and then i ask her to punch again because i want to feel her soft touch......i love it........bwhahhahahhahha!!

For now, I will just wait untill she finish her Big E and then....we'll see if it just a game or for real.....

Good luck kid ;)


Dhameer is gay xD


Finally a new car for the dude :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Launching Nabil at Lepaq

My uncle(padahal umur beza dua tahun je) just lunch his latest album 'Dari Jauh' at lepaq cafe in kj and I was assign as a photographer as was fun :)

Congratulation dude!!

Me and my cousin....i mean aunty jiji

Remember the Celcom, Amy Search ads?

Sempat lagi buat cover oasis - Dont look back in anger :P

Ni mase dah takde orang sangat laaa...haha

Ramai awek... :D

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I guess I should trust myself. From the signs you gave, I think its enough to calm me. Even though you mean everything to me, I can't force one feeling. At least you notice my effort and the rest is up to you. .

Time will reveal our fate, I can't do anything more...

Is Dead


Don't do this to me...... I'm suffering every second :(

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

You took a left off Last Laugh Lane

Woah, the memory lane, this was like ten month ago. Notice the short messy hair? ;P

Its was not as calm, pancit, especially at the end. Siap ade teng, teng, teng, teng, teng sebab takde bass but what the heck.. :P

Oh, where did you go?
Where did you go?
Where did you go?

Falling about
You took a left off Last Laugh Lane
You just sounded it out
You're not coming back again

Monday, October 5, 2009

I miss being the way i was :(

Everything are turning bad after i met, relate and then fallen to the girl. I had been ignoring girl all my life because as i predicted, the being are just risky and dangerous and then this happen.

My performance are the worst ever from my 4 years of study. I can't seem to be focus and I'm just gutted because as i recall, it was a second of mistakes and it effect months of suffering and when i try to fix things, it get worse and worse, it was so damn hard and I'm crawling desperately out of the hell pit....gutted..

I guess i had been delusional all these time and she were just having fun mocking me with her friends. My self-esteem is the lowest ever at this moment...hadooii...

To be honest, she is definitely out of my league and i would consider myself lucky to be so close with her before but now she don't event want to know me and the mistake i done was expressing my thought to her, made a prank to her, and then she pissed, try to fix things but it got worse and now i can't CTRL + Z. I wish it was as simple as that....but was so unfair....

This famous pantun empat kerat can't get out my head:

Dua tiga kucing berlari, mana nak sama si kucing belang, dua tiga boleh kucari, mana nak sama si adik seorang...

hahahha...yeah i'm ruin....gile laaa...hahaha...yeaaa she is the one of a kind type but there are too many awesome people to own love i guess and i know who i am, where i stand. I don't deserve it yet. Definetly not good enough for her. No money, no job, no car, no charisma, no cool, nobody.

Plus she is the high maintenance type so i better get out of trouble before my life got miserable. Anak lord kot....gilee laaa.... nasib baik kene reject awal-awal kalau tidak.....eternal suffering...thanks god

Now i just trying to be as I were, very simple and easy. A happy and peaceful geek....

Come on dhameer.....COME ON DUDE!!!




Smile like a retard

When you were mocked by someone you care the most, it felt so unworthy... it felt like a clown...

Do you feel like giving a slap?


...go away...hide away from the fate because you will be there if you're meant to be there...

A Road, a Sea

a road, a sea, a road, a sea, a road, a sea, a road, a sea, a road, a sea,
a road, a sea, a road, a sea, a road, a sea, a road, a sea, a road, a sea,
a road, a sea, a road, a sea, a road, a sea, a road, a sea, a road, a sea,
a road, a sea, a road, a sea, a road, a sea, a road, a sea, a road, a sea,
a road, a sea, a road, a sea, a road, a sea, a road, a sea, a road, a sea,
a road, a sea, a road, a sea, a road, a sea, a road, a sea, a road, a sea,
a road, a sea, a road, a sea, a road, a sea, a road, a sea, a road, a sea,

Out of the blue, u faded away...

Friday, October 2, 2009

Lion Rampant


I miss Scotland :(

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Subliminal Message

You probably had heard of it but i just want to share the mysterious and dark realm of music for those who don't know.

The Beatles 'revolution 9' is just witty and creepy when it played backward if you unaware. Yeah its obviously intentional so have a listen....

Now, Led Zeppelin are just pure genius because the song "Stairway to Heaven" got two different meaning depending on if it play forward or backward. Good, evil, you know what i mean.

There are more in the youtube, do some research you will be amaze of the reality....

Hehehe....this one is also genius..hahaha ok laaa:

I don't know if this is true but i heard from a source stated that our mind play our memory backward when we are sleeping hence the subliminal message effect us indirectly in a way.....hahahahhaha..just a theory xP